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With our lifelong, portable dental plan, you can retire with nationwide network access and the same great dental benefits you know and trust. TakeAlong Dental is there for you through every life stage; and that's something to smile about!

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The benefits of TakeAlong Dental

Two great programs offering coverage and value:

Managed Care Program Options

This could be the last dental program you ever need to enroll for! Our coverage provides for you and your family, now and through all your stages of life. No matter which program or level of coverage you choose, you'll enjoy competitive prices and robust benefits with thousands of participating locations.

MetLife Discount Dental4

A discount plan for dental services from a nationwide network of participating providers. You'll receive discounted prices on a wide range of dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry.


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We are currently offering a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) program nationwide as an individual dental insurance policy. A Dental HMO/Managed Care program is available to residents of California, Florida, New York and Texas.

The monthly rate is calculated based on your residential ZIP Code.

The choice is yours. Your monthly premiums can be paid by credit card or bank draft. At time of enrollment, you will choose how you want to pay. Other payment frequencies are also available.

Yes. You may elect to change your Dental program on the policy renewal date or at any other time. However, you must apply for a new policy in order to become insured for another coverage option. If you do not apply for a new policy within 60 days of the date you request to end this policy, you may not be eligible to apply for a new dental policy from MetLife or there may be time restrictions on when you may apply for a new policy.

Yes. At time of enrollment, you are able to elect coverage for your dependents. If you decide after the policy takes effect that you would like to enroll additional dependents, you simply need to provide MetLife with advance written notice along with any required premium. After we receive your written notice to add dependents, your premium rates will be adjusted as of the date insurance takes effect for the newly added dependent(s). The effective date of insurance for newly added dependent(s) will depend on when we receive notice and required premium.

If you are enrolled in one of the individual Dental programs, the policy may end for non-payment of premiums, or if MetLife or the applicable affiliate stops renewing individual dental policies in the jurisdication in which the policy is issued. MetLife will provide 60 days advance written notice if discontinuing an individual dental policy.

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